Terms of Sales

The following conditions are deemed accepted by the customer to defect written objection within eight days of receipt of the first document that carries them to its attention. They can not be challenged in the event of commercial relations followed.

All our invoices are payable cash, net without discount unless otherwise stated.

Any unpaid invoice when due will immediately automatically without notice of default interest at 12% per annum.

Without prejudice to the default interest, the mere failure to pay at maturity to the entire invoice will result in the additional flow of a sum equal to 20% of the invoiced amounts with a minimum of € 75, but the judge can escape it in case of partial payment.

No protest shall be received against invoices if it is not made in writing within eight days of receipt.

A change of address can argue apologizes for having been unaware of the invoice or not to have protested in the period.

Ownership of goods remains at the MCPS SA until full payment.

The courts of Liège are competent First Instance, Commerce, Justice of Peace of the second District of Liège.

Certain goods are allowed to export from the United States under a special licensing process provided they are not re-exported without prior approval of US authorities.

The delivery time stated on a purchase order or an offer is indicative. It does not commit MCPS.